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The Many Benefits of Motion Activated LED Lighting

LEDs are ideally suited for use with motion sensor technology. And while there are many benefits and uses of LED lighting in business settings, combining them with motion sensors expands the possibilities further. Here are five benefits:

Saves Energy

If you are already using energy-efficient LED lighting, why not get more of a good thing by having them turn off automatically when no one is using a room, and switch on when people enter? LEDs require no warm up time and have no problems with being turned on and off as people go in and out of a work area. Another benefit is there is no need for you or an employee to make sure the lights are off at the end of the day.

Increases Convenience

The problem with light switches is you have to find them in a dark room. This is especially difficult for visitors or employees unfamiliar with the room. Sometimes the elusive switches are inside the room next to the door somewhere, and sometimes they’re outside. The problem is yet more awkward when a person entering a dark room is using both hands to carry something. These problems go away with LED lighting activated with motion sensors.

Improves Safety

One way to ensure that stairwells are well-lit when people use them is leaving their lights on all the time. The same is true for outside walkways and parking lots. However, motion activated LED lighting ensures that people can watch their step where they need to while saving energy as well.

Increases the Longevity of Your Lights

Although many LEDs last 50,000 hours, turning them off when not needed further increases their working life. This means money is saved on the LED replacements and on the installation labor.

Gets Customer Attention in Retail Stores

If you want to ensure that customers notice specific product displays, motion activated lighting of the display will certainly get their attention. In fact, it will do a better job than using signs with large bold lettering, to which the public has become blind.

The above listing is just a sampling of the many benefits of LED lighting when used with motion detectors.