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The Advantages of IoT Controls

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Facilities managers and production managers always look to maximize ROI on any new system or improvements to an existing one.  Knowing the advantages of IoT controls enables managers to focus on optimizing production, storage, or distribution methods. LED lighting delivers an immediate cost reduction to any facility, but adding specific sensors to the lighting units and linking those sensors to customized software gives managers information about each area, activity, and timing.

By analyzing the data, those managers get insights into everything that is happening 24/7/365 in each part of the facility. The net result is maximum energy efficiency, performance efficiency, and improved safety.

Basic Advantages of IoT

Efficiencies of LED lighting may deliver up to 50% in energy savings. By installing purpose-designed sensors, even greater efficiencies are deliverable. The sensors detect occupancy and movement, so lighting can be reduced or increased as needed. Natural light can be “harvested” which also reduces costs. Because lighting is everywhere in a building, every piece of production and transit equipment, raw and finished stock, as well as people’s locations and movements can be tracked.

This data gives insights into optimum stocking, transport, and investment decisions, so specific questions can answered. For example:

  • Are stock items stored in the most accessible locations?
  • Is in-building movement the most efficient or do forklift drivers, for example, take an unexpected (and longer) route to avoid obstacles no one else is aware of?
  • Would changing inventory locations reduce transit costs and improve productivity?
  • If the sensors show that high energy usage activities are being carried out during maximum kWh-cost periods, can they be rescheduled to lower kWh time slots?
  • Is some production equipment operating less efficiently (resulting in lower output) than comparable equipment? If so, would investing in new plant deliver the right ROI?

Answers to these and other questions all become available by installing the right sensors to the right LED units.

The Takeaway

Smart lighting systems expand to become smart production and distribution processes. Good lighting improves productivity and safety performance. It also, when linked to action which is automatically monitored by overhead sensors, gives management comprehensive insights from the analyzed data.

This enables managers to make sophisticated and accurate decisions about how the facility is run. If you would like to discuss Relumination can support your drive for greater efficiencies, higher productivity, and lower costs, please contact us.