Lighting Education: The Importance of Energy-Efficiency

Most of us never really think about how efficient our lighting systems are. Mostly we only care if it turns on when we flick the switch, and if it actually provides enough light to see by. However, when it comes to how much energy our lights are actually burning, you should be concerned, because it affects not just your bottom line, but everyone else’s as well.

Energy efficiency matters for everyone out there, and is something we should all care about. It all starts with your electricity bill.

Your electricity bill is just the cost of doing business, and there’s no way you can avoid it short of installing a self-sufficient energy-generating system on your premises. However, you can reduce what you’re paying by switching to more energy-efficient lighting. For example, by replacing traditional fluorescent lighting system with LED, customer’s would see up to 70% decrease in energy usage. With the upgrade to LED, you’ve now increased the available control capabilities which could provide an additional 20-25% in energy savings. While these upgrades can appear more expensive at first glance, they last years longer and provide the ability for the lighting to grow with the business. Once the upgrade is complete you reap the benefits on the back end by paying less in operating costs, improving safety and quality of the environment which have been proven to result in happier, more productive employees.

However, energy efficiency is sort of like recycling; when everyone gets involved, it makes a significant difference. Imagine, for a moment, if every business cut their electricity demands for lighting in half. The sheer amount of strain that would take off the local power grid is not a small thing. When you calculate it in terms of saved resources, and pollution that’s avoided, it makes an even bigger difference. The less power that’s necessary, the fewer resources we use overall, and the easier it becomes to replace our older, more harmful systems with newer, cleaner ones.

So if you change one bulb to be more efficient, it’s the same as recycling one can. It might not do much on its own, but if you do it every time, and if other business owners, your customers, and your community get involved, it will make huge changes by the time you’ve all combined your efforts.

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