Warehouse & Distribution
About This Project

Being an essential link between patients and health care, Cardinal Health provides solutions that reduce costs throughout the healthcare industry. With over 30 large distribution centers in the United States, delivering essential medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, and end patients is a time sensitive and life-critical business. Facility uptime, order accuracy, and employee safety are top priorities for the facilities staff at Cardinal Health. The team at Cardinal Health worked with Relumination to assess each of their 30+ distribution center facilities to create an action plan that addressed light levels, energy-efficiency, and technology. The plan was simple; improve the working conditions, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and deploy a repeatable and consistent solution.

Project Highlights:

  • $91,703 Saved Annually
  • 2.76 Year ROI
  • 579,984 kWh Saved Annually
  • $17,000 received from Utility Incentives

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