Relumination to Upgrade LED Lighting in Tucson Poly Print Facility

23 May, 2013

poly_printRelumination has been selected by Poly Print for a project that will upgrade their indoor and outdoor lighting in their state-of-the-art 24/7 Tucson, Arizona printing facility. These changes will result in an estimated savings of 335,000 kWh of electricity with a project payback of 2.4 years.

This project will  transition the entire site to energy-efficient lighting. This will include new LED exterior lights, upgraded office lighting and intelligent LED lighting in warehouse and production areas. These changes will not only enhance the workplace but will also save the company money while reducing wasted energy.

In addition, our energy efficient lighting requires much less maintenance and replacement than the existing lighting which results in even greater savings. By implementing intelligent lighting, Poly Print will use energy only when necessary. This is also valuable for employee safety as well.