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How a Lighting Audit Can Help You Save

auditIf you are interested in lowering your utility expenses, you may have heard about some of the ways that lighting rebates can help you become more energy efficient for less. However, did you know that a free lighting audit could help you maximize your efforts and save more?

Lighting Audits: What Are They? 

Generally a representative of your utility company will come out to perform a lighting audit. While they are free, you will need to schedule an appointment in advance.

During a lighting audit, an energy specialist will tour your facility and take notes on the current lighting setup.  The energy specialist will photograph your workplace, obtain information about light fixture placement and quantity, and ask what type of work is performed in different areas. He or she will also calculate stationary light wattage and quantity. Then, the specialist will come up with a specific and actionable plan to make your workplace more energy efficient.

These plans typically include:

  • A detailed plan showing the optimal lighting layout for your business
  • Calculations that show the return on investment your business will see if you make the changes
  • Financial information on the total cost of changes
  • Information on grants, rebates, and other ways that can help you make these changed for less money
  • “Next steps” that will help you commit to making these changes

If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t be alarmed. You’re having most of the work performed for you by a lighting expert, and you will receive a free list of actionable tips that allow you to jump-start your plan to achieve greater energy efficiency in the workplace.