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LED Explosion Proof Lighting in Manufacturing Facilities

Lighting is one fixture of a manufacturing facility that has impending dangers. In the industries that operate with hazardous elements such as flammable gases, chemicals, dust, and vapors, lights may cause an explosion and fire. These fixtures may blow and let off a spark that will explode when they ignite any flammable elements.

Therefore, the National Electric Code has set protection techniques that prevent an explosion that is caused by lighting. They involve the installation of LED Explosion Proof Lighting, which helps to avert a fire or explosion.

LED Explosion Proof Lighting

The LED proof lighting involves encasing the light fixtures, to prevent them from being the source of ignition. Their design can withstand an internal explosion and will not spread any sparks from the enclosure. The LED products are of different wattage’s, sizes, and styles, and safeguard everyone in the industry.

Where to install LED Explosion Lighting

The LED explosion proof lighting techniques are approved in specific working environments which are;

Class I Division 1: These are the areas in the industry where flammable vapor, gases, and liquids are applied and always present.

Class I Division 2: These are areas with ignitable vapors, gases, and liquids that are not regularly present in the daily operations.

The Class I ignitable elements include propane, acetylene, benzene, butane, hydrogen, and methane.

Class II Division 1: These are the areas wherein the normal working conditions there are flammable specks of dust.

Class II Division 2:  These are the areas where combustible dust is present during unusual industrial operations.

Class II combustibles include; carbon, charcoal and metal dust, flour, wood, and plastics.

The other is the Class III areas, which are operations where ignitable fibers and materials such as sawdust and cotton are present.

Keep Safe with Explosion Proof Lighting

Keep your industrial facility safe for everyone by installing LED explosion-proof lighting. They will lessen the risks of fire ignition and explosion that cause workplace injuries and accidents. To learn about the ideal light explosion products and have professional installation, contact us. We will help you improve safety and meet the National Electric Code (NEC) requirements at the manufacturing facility.