Case Study: Maax Spas

Categories: Manufacturing & Exterior Lighting

Maax Spas Pano 1

Location: Chandler, AZ
Facility Size: 190,000 sq. ft.
Environment: Manufacturing Facility
Installation Type: Retrofit


During the down economy, Maax Spas had shelved a planned lighting upgrade and delayed lighting maintenance at their facility. As business improved, they knew something had to be done to improve the lighting. Part of the problem was that the existing lighting was old T12 linear fluorescent technology and was designed for a facility layout that had changed many years ago. Maintenance costs were out-of-control and their maintenance staff was overwhelmed with re-lamping needs. The other issue they faced was that many areas in and around the facility were under lit creating safety issues and manufacturing errors which were dangerous and costly.


The team at Relumination worked shoulder to shoulder with the engineering manager, production manager and maintenance staff to create a custom lighting design to meet their specific production needs. Using CAD and 3D Photometric software, a new layout was created that fit their production space and put the right amount of light in each area. An intelligent LED lighting solution from Digital Lumens was deployed to take advantage of daylight harvesting, motion sensing and scheduling as shifts changed on a seasonal basis. For the exterior, LED flood lights and wall packs were utilized to address under lit areas, improve safety and improve the building aesthetics at night. In the office, the fixtures were upgraded to energy-efficient T8’s with new reflectors and ballasts. Occupancy sensors were installed to improve energy efficiency.

Financial Metrics

  1. fm-icon-1Annual Lighting Energy Savings

    $59,930 (85%)

  2. Annual Maintenance Savings


  3. Utility Incentives


  4. ROI

    1.97 Years

  5. 10 Year Cost Savings



  1. Improved Worker Productivity
  2. Fewer Manufacturing Errors
  3. Improved Employee Safety
  4. Improved Employee Moral
  5. Results Provided Stimulus for Other “Green” Projects

Environmental Metrics

  1. 544,795 kWh Saved Annually


  1. Greenhouse gas emissions from 135 tons of waste sent to the landfill


  1. Carbon Sequestered by 308 Acres of US Forests in One Year

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 79 Passenger Vehicles Driven for One Year


  1. CO2 Emissions from 34 Homes’ Energy Use for One Year