5 Signs Your Commercial Property Needs to Retrofit the Light Fixtures

Every commercial building has its quirks. The inexplicably huge water heater, the spooky bathroom, the flickering light. Of course, these aren’t just weird things about your building, they’re structural clues. That huge water heater means your building could support a commercial kitchen. The spooky bathroom is an effect of echoing tile and insufficient lighting. And that flickering light? It’s a sign that your light fixtures are aging.

A lot of older commercial buildings are due to retrofit their fixtures and update the wiring. Here are five signs that your commercial property has outdated, costly, or dangerous lights that need a retrofit.

1) Flicking Lights
Flickering is often a sign that circuits and wiring are getting old. When the electrical connection isn’t consistent, or when the circuit can’t support the electrcal current, you get a flicker. If your lights flicker even after changing the bulb, this could be a sign of future danger. Getting a retrofit is a safety concern.

2) Expensive Bulbs
Of course, keeping your fixtures might have other consequences as well. If replacing your bulbs is more costly, in 1-5 years of replacements, than retrofitting, then the choice is obvious. Why keep buying expensive bulbs when you could upgrade to long-lasting, energy-efficient, and affordable LEDs?

3) Frequent Replacements
Another sign that your lighting is on its last legs is the frequency of bulb replacements. If you’re replacing your bulbs more often than once a year, that’s too much. Old light fixtures with unreliable electricity tend to burn out bulbs and possibly even explode them.

4) High Power Bills
Or they can soak up more power than the light is worth. An old, inefficient light fixture may draw more electricity than the bulb needs or can handle. Or that outdated bulb type uses more electricity than any modern form of lighting would ever require. Meaning a retrofit could save you a ton on utilities.

5) Rusting Fixtures
Finally, there’s actual fixture damage. If you can see rust, corrosion, or broken aspects of your light fixtures then malfunction and dangerous behavior aren’t far behind. Retrofitting at this point is preventative maintenance and just good responsible building management. Before your light fixtures start exploding lightbulbs or dropping screws out of the ceiling.

Do your light fixtures need retrofitting? Contact us today to consult on your commercial lighting needs!