How LED Lighting is Changing the World

There’s no doubt lights have changed a lot in the 130 years since Thomas Edison created the first light bulb. Lights have changed the world, this can be seen from pictures taken in space of the world at night, it’s amazing how much influence the light bulb has held over the past century. Now more recently, a new kind of light, that I’m sure you’ve heard of by now, is changing the world, the LED bulb.

A Light-emitting diode (LED) is a large advancement over traditional lighting. They consume far less energy and have a much larger lifespan than traditional lighting. It’s no surprise that many businesses have converted over to LED lighting. According to researchers, a decade from now almost half of commercial lighting will be LED. With lighting responsible for using approximately 20% of the world’s electricity, LED lighting is, without a doubt, the light of the future. It’s calculated that with LED lighting we can reduce the impact of lighting from using 20% to only using 4% of the world’s electricity, and save over 300 million barrels of oil per year in the U.S.

LED’s have been proven to be reliable, efficient and long-lasting. They are used in everything from flashlights to flat-screens and headlights on vehicles. Not only can LED lighting save you money as a business, but also as a taxpayer, municipalities are beginning to see the long list of benefits of making the switch to LED. For example, the city of Los Angeles plans to reduce their annual energy consumption for public lighting by 40% with the use of LED lighting. LED lights are bound to change the world, like Thomas Edison’s first light bulb did over a century ago.

As LED’s popularity grows the more they prove that they will pay for themselves. Its predicted that as technology furthers, LED lighting will become cheaper, making the initial investment in them payoff even quicker. Its no surprise that LED lighting is taking over the world, and it only makes sense to jump on board now! If your looking for LED lighting for your business contact us!