Warehouse & Distribution
About This Project

Working closely with the operations and maintenance team at Dillard’s, Relumination was able to not only reduce lighting-related energy and maintenance costs (by over 80%) but also, the new lighting nearly doubled light levels throughout the warehouse and exterior areas. By combining energy-efficient LED lighting with an intelligent control system, each area within the facility could be programmed to run as needed. During the morning when product receiving takes place the light level in those areas is increased, and later in the day, the level is automatically reduced. With a control system that records energy usage, occupancy, and light levels, Relumination was able to tune the system to maximize savings while substantially improving worker comfort, safety, and quality control.

Project Highlights:

  • $60,826 Saved Annually
  • 3.75 Year ROI
  • 584,520 kWh Saved Annually
  • $40,870 received from Utility Incentives

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