Grocery Stores Turn to Efficient Lighting Alternatives

Nov 08, 2010

According to National Grid, an international electricity and gas company, typical grocery stores in the northeastern portion of the United States spend $460,000 annually on energy, 78% of which is spent on lighting and refrigeration. Energy costs are probably similar in the rest of the...

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Relumination CEO interviewed on Phoenix Radio

Nov 04, 2010

Our CEO, Daniel Henderson was asked to be on a great local radio program called Your Triple Bottom Line. The show is about sustainability and as it relates to people, the planet and profits. Daniel shared valuable information about the company and LED Lighting with...

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Health Benefits of LEDs in Office Buildings

Nov 03, 2010

Of course, we all know about the energy and maintenance savings that come from LEDs. In Indian Wells, California, the city replaced over 100 six-inch incandescent downlights in the City Hall, Emergency Operations Center, and Public Works Maintenance Facility with Cree LR6 LED downlights. The...

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Chain Restaurants Choose LED Lighting

Oct 21, 2010

We are pleased to find that two popular United States chain restaurants have recently decided to retrofit their restaurants with LEDs. LED lamps help improve the appearance of food and highlight decorations around the restaurant. They also save money by consuming less power than other...

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Happy World Lighting Appreciation Day!

Oct 21, 2010

Today, October 21st, General Electric is celebrating World Lighting Appreciation Day. Today marks the 131st anniversary of Thomas Alva Edison, founder of General Electric, testing the first commercially practical incandescent light bulb. It’s crazy to think about what life would be like without the light...

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Hospitals Saving, Being Creative with LED Lighting

Oct 18, 2010

LED lighting is a safer and energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting fixtures in hospitals. Hospitals are similar to parking structures in the way that both of their lights burn 24 hours every day, so why not install the most energy efficient lighting possible? Hospitals also...

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City of Scottsdale Installs LED Lighting

Oct 14, 2010

A six-month installation of LED street lights began in early April in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale has been using red, yellow, and green LED traffic signals since 1997, but has decided to replace 25% of the city’s street lights in neighborhoods and major intersections with LED...

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Future is Bright for Commercial Business LED Use

Oct 06, 2010

OSRAM SYLVANIA, one of the leading lighting manufacturers, recently released the results of its fall 2010 Commercial Lighting Survey. The manufacturers conducted telephone interviews with 352 purchasing and facilities decision-makers and lighting designers and specifiers in the education, healthcare, hospitality, office, and retail sectors to...

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Government Program Support Increases LED Retrofit Projects

Oct 04, 2010

It is exciting to see that more and more businesses and cities are replacing their old energy-wasting lighting fixtures with LED lamps. What is even more exciting is the support and funding that some projects are receiving from the government and other programs around the United...

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Dangers of CFLs – Part Two: Dirty Electricity

Oct 01, 2010

This is part two of our feature of a segment produced by “16:9 – The Bigger Picture,” in which experts confirm the dangers of compact fluorescent lamps. We covered Part One in a separate Blog Post. Part one features experts confirming that some CFL lamps...

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