LEDs at Airports More Sustainable and Increase Safety

Apr 11, 2011

LED lighting is not only more efficient and sustainable, but it is also safer than other available lighting, especially when it comes to airport runway areas. In Ocala, Florida, the Ocala International Airport is beginning to replace its old airfield lighting with high intensity LEDs....

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LEDs Illuminate Popular Chain Restaurants & Help Them Save

Apr 06, 2011

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, restaurants consume more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings and are typically lit 16 – 20 hours every day. That’s a lot of energy to be consuming with inefficient incandescent and halogen bulbs. Over the last two...

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Phoenix and Gilbert Go Green with New Lighting and Pilot Programs

Mar 29, 2011

More major sustainable developments have been made in Arizona! The state is moving toward becoming more “green” and energy efficient by making changes in its traffic and street lighting. Ameresco, an energy services company, has been working with Phoenix Public Works and Street Transportation since...

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Philips 12.5-Watt Lamp First to Receive Energy Star Rating

Mar 23, 2011

Philips announced they have manufactured the world’s first LED replacement lamp for the 60-watt incandescent. In a press release on February 15, Philips said their 12.5-watt equivalent lasts 25 times longer and consumes 80% less energy than the 60-watt incandescent lamps. The Philips Ambient LED...

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Kick Off Earth Month at the GreenStock Expo in Scottsdale!

Mar 07, 2011

Next month is Earth Month, and what better way to celebrate by attending a sustainability festival! On April 15-17, GreenStocksRock will be hosting its second Greenstock Expo & Concert Series in Scottsdale at The Scottsdale WaterFront and South Bridge. ...

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Grocery Stores Modernize their Lighting with LEDs

Mar 01, 2011

If you think about all the lighting in a grocery store, you’ll realize they are huge energy wasters. There is the overall lighting, along with hundreds of lights in freezer cases and display areas, not to mention all the energy the refrigeration systems consume keeping...

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Going Green Can Be Cheap!

Feb 25, 2011

Going green doesn't necessarily mean you have to make million dollar purchases on energy efficient products. There are ways you can improve your business practices starting tomorrow morning! ...

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Racine’s Better Day BP Gas Station Saves 62% on Energy

Feb 20, 2011

In spring 2008, the Better Day BP in Racine, Wisconsin was the first gas station to have an all-LED exterior. Since then, many gas stations have gone the same route, but it’s important to acknowledge the first! Tom Tousis, owner of the gas station, wanted...

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Car Dealerships Go Green with Cars and Lighting

Feb 07, 2011

George Karolis, Vice President of corporate development and real estate at Asbury Automotive Group and owner of a recently retrofitted Lexus dealership, couldn’t have said it better. Automobile dealerships’ number one concern is customer satisfaction. Car salesmen don’t want to be worrying about burned out...

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Energize Phoenix Project Revamps Inefficient Arizona Neighborhoods

Feb 03, 2011

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Arizona is making leaps and strides in becoming a more sustainable state, especially in lighting retrofits. Another project in the city of Phoenix that began over the summer will help residents and business owners become more “green.” Energize Phoenix...

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