Enhancing Safety By Upgrading Parking Garage Lighting

Jun 01, 2017

As a property owner, two of your primary concerns are reducing costs while enhancing consumer satisfaction. But did you know that you can achieve both of these goals (and more) with one simple appliance switch? If you own a parking garage, whether it is a...

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Design Considerations for Manufacturing Lighting

May 10, 2017

Many elements go into creating a successful manufacturing facility, and good lighting is one component that should not be overlooked. Good lighting in an industrial facility can keep workers safe and more productive, and a cheerful, well-lit workplace can be good for morale. However careful...

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The Facts About Three LED Lighting Myths

May 08, 2017

LED lighting technology has steadily advanced and improved over the years. What may have been true in years past isn't so today. This may cause people to hold onto obsolete beliefs. In addition, the Internet is a good medium for spreading opinions regardless of their...

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Five Reasons to Use LEDs for Decorative Lighting

Apr 20, 2017

Decorative lighting adds visual appeal, style, and professionalism to your business establishment. It differentiates you from your plainer looking competitors. It makes your business look more successful. To make it worth your while, decorative lighting shouldn't require excessive maintenance, become a fire hazard, or cause big...

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Light Without The Heat – Our Cold Storage Lighting Solutions

Apr 07, 2017

Cold storage facilities offer a unique energy challenge. The budget costs associated to operate these warehouses using outdated equipment has risen dramatically. The very essence and source of light produces heat and traditional methods for illumination are not energy-efficient or easy to maintain in those conditions. It...

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The Power of LED Interior Lighting on Mood

Mar 30, 2017

LED interior lighting affects mood in two ways. The first is the psychological effects of its color on people. For example, red stimulates physical arousal. It increases the heart rate, stimulates physical action, and triggers impulse eating. For a fast food restaurant that wants customers...

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LED Lighting: Perfect for Business Signage

Mar 23, 2017

Many of the properties that make LEDs unique also make them ideal for business signage lighting. This includes signs on the business premises and those placed elsewhere for advertising purposes. Five of these beneficial properties are discussed next. Energy-efficient. While most people are familiar with...

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