How Your Grocery Store Lighting Can Benefit by Switching to LED

Managing a grocery store is a lot of work, so it makes sense to reduce required upkeep, thus allowing you to focus on your most important responsibilities. Also, when you make a crucial decision for your grocery store, you have to make sure it is one that is beneficial immediately and in the long run.

Switching to LED lighting for grocery store lighting is a great move to make for several reasons.

Greater Consistency

When a light goes out, an employee needs to stop what they are doing to get a replacement. Doing this takes time and that means time away from customers and their other duties, along with potentially giving off the wrong impression to a customer when you have unlit areas in the grocery store.

A wise addition to your grocery store is LED lighting because these lights last a lot longer compared to its alternatives, which means less replacing lights and more focusing on customer satisfaction.

Reduced Expenses

Compared to other light bulbs, LED light bulbs consume less energy. So, in addition to not having to worry about changing these light bulbs as often, you also get to benefit from reduced expenses.

Better Appearance

It is important to know that an LED light bulb will produce light that looks as good as it did on day one as the day before it goes out, which means there is no need to be concerned about color problems.

Some lights need time to warm up before providing sufficient lighting, but this is not the case with LED lighting, so you will find that the pros for LED lighting far outweigh any negatives.

Bring Your Store Into The Light With LED Retail Store Lighting

Have you ever thought about how lighting makes an impact on your store? The lighting in your store has a big job to do because it is needed to show off all of the products you have in your store. The lighting also provides a big part of your store’s design. The places where you use your retail lighting and why you are using that lighting can be the big difference in your store design being successful or your store design being incomplete.


There are a number of benefits of using LED lighting in your retail store, such as a reduction in maintenance and repair costs and energy savings. If your retail store is independently owned, you are probably paying for all of your expenses. When you implement LED lighting, you will see a decrease in the amount of energy that is being used. This will result in an increase in the amount of money you will save. LED lighting will produce a low amount of heat or no heat at all; this will allow you to not have to use your air conditioning units to cool the store because of the heat from the lighting.


You may wonder how a change of lighting will affect the look of your store. LED lighting will save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and save you money, but that does not mean you will sacrifice the look and feel of your store. LED lighting will give your retail store a better output than your previous lights. The lighting will also do a better job of making your merchandise stand out and look more appealing to customers. When you have LED lighting in your store, you have the ability to be more imaginative and creative with your store design. You will be able to place emphasis on every product in every location in your establishment.

Whatever LED lighting plans you want to use for your store, you will immediately begin to see the benefits, and your customers will too.

Save Money and Score Loyal Business with LED Hotel Lighting

While businesses with normal hours are able to enjoy many hours where lighting is not used, hotels are quite different because they require sufficient lighting at all times. Since there is such an emphasis on lighting, it makes sense for hotels to plan a considerable amount to provide the best lighting possible.

In order to get the best hotel lighting, you should be looking to save money while also impressing guests to the point where they come back in the future for additional stays.

Make Guests Feel Comfortable

From guest rooms to breakfast areas, you need to make your guests feel comfortable with lighting. It is not hardwood floors or high quality pictures on the wall that will accomplish this, it is simple and effective lighting placement that allows guests to do what they want to do without a problem.

Focus on Walkway Lighting

After making guests feel comfortable, you cannot forego the importance of walkway lighting that makes everyone feel safe when they are walking through hallways of the hotel building. It is having a seamless check-in experience that can create loyal customers out of first-timers.

Help Guests Feel Safe Outside

When people first arrive to your hotel, you must make them feel welcome from the get-go. If you have a designated area for future guests to park their vehicle, you need to provide enough lighting for them to get their documents out of their vehicle without having to fumble around. It is also important to make all guests feel safe when they are heading to the parking lot, pool, or their guestroom.

LED Lighting is the Way to Go

With so much lighting that is required to keep a hotel running, you really need to invest in the most efficient lighting type possible, which is LED lighting. It is a long-lasting and inexpensive option for lighting, and making the switch will provide you with years of significant savings.

Improve Your Restaurant with Proper Restaurant Lighting

A restaurant cannot solely rely on the quality of the food to remain in business. It is necessary to impress in other aspects, which means details such as seating, employees, and lighting that need to be top-notch. Excellent lighting can create a desired ambiance, which can help your restaurant succeed.

Learning about what you can do to improve lighting will ensure restaurant lighting is one of the main reasons you see your growth in your restaurant’s business.

Provide Just Enough Table Lighting

Excessive lighting can make an eating space look clinical, and this is something you want to avoid. It is best to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which can be accomplished with properly placed lighting, correct color temperature, and lighting fixtures that enhance illumination.

Make an Appealing Entrance

Whether you are going for a candlelit dinner look or a welcoming family restaurant feel, how you set up entrance lighting can have an enormous impact on the kind of response you get from others. It is vital to stay with the same plan and intentions throughout your restaurant to create a cohesive experience.

Sufficient Outdoor Lighting

Both the outside entrance and the outdoor seating need to be lit properly to ensure people feel safe when choosing your restaurant, along with when they choose to eat outside. It can be a little challenging to create perfect lighting for your outside customers, but professionals will be able to devise a plan.

Although lighting is just one of numerous important factors that determine the success of your restaurant, making some upgrades to lighting can be an excellent investment for overall improvements.

Why LED Lighting is a Better Choice for Your Grocery Store

The type of lighting you select for your grocery store is important. When food looks attractive and appetizing, shoppers want to buy them. When you have the best lighting possible, you can save energy and money, and in addition provide your customers with an enjoyable shopping experience.

More and more grocery stores are finding the benefits of using LED lighting over fluorescent lighting. If you’re a grocery store retailer, here are some reasons to use LED lighting, as well as some considerations to make.

Offers Exceptional Coloring

LED lighting improves the color of foods.

  • Meats—Although sliced meats that look discolored may only be an aesthetic concern, it can turn off shoppers from buying. When you use LED lighting, you don’t have to worry about meat discoloration.
  • Produce—Fruits and vegetables look better under LED lighting. To draw additional attention on certain types of produce, use special optics that can enhance the color spectrum of fresh foods even more.

Is Ideal for Cold Foods

Although fluorescent lighting may be an efficient way for many applications, it’s not as effective as LED lighting when it comes to freezer and refrigerator lighting. For example, cold temperatures can cause a drop in the mercury vapor pressure that’s inside fluorescent lamps. This can result in a light output reduction of as much as 25 percent.

On the other hand, LED lightening doesn’t have this effect. In fact, sometimes the light output from LED lighting actually gets better in a cold setting.

LED Lights Last Longer

LED lights can last for more than 50,000 hours or about three times longer than fluorescent lights. This means you don’t have to change bulbs as much, which saves money. This type of lighting also reduces heat emissions.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Since there are fewer bulbs to change, there’s not as much garbage in landfills. This gives LED lighting another advantage, making it more environmentally friendly.


  • Unlike incandescent lights, there isn’t a single size of LED lamps.
  • Consider your store’s dimming needs.
  • A growing number of grocery stores are now using track fixtures for lighting up food displays such as in their produce sections.
  • Replacing fluorescent lights with LED lights in vertical and horizontal freezer cases can save your store as much as 50 percent in energy expenses.

Retail Lighting: How To Implement It To Your Advantage

Shopping is оftеn referred tо аs ‘retail therapy’. Іt іs sаіd sо bесаusе іt іs believed thаt whіlе shopping, аll five of the senses are activated аnd gіvе а sense оf elevated happiness. Whаt іs thе еffесt thаt lighting has on the senses in retail shops? Ноw muсh dоеs іt aid іn ‘therapy’ bу shopping? Whаt іs thе best wау tо usе lighting tо raise thе attention аnd retention levels оf customers?

Lighting conveys emotions аnd activates people’s instincts. Іt helps customers find thеіr wау аrоund the store and decide what they are going to purchase. Тhеrе аrе mаnу different options for retail lighting such as color, distribution, intensity аnd brightness of the lights. Тhеrе аrе sоmе retail lighting suggestions that саn help improve customer convenience, enhance thеіr sense оf well-being аnd can lead to аn increase іn customers аnd will result in higher chances for a sale.

Brightness іs оut, contrast іs іn: Іf a merchant want to attract instant attention tо а product оr placement, high contrast may be better suited thаn overly bright lighting. Νоt only will іt cut dоwn оn energy consumption, but will аlsо intensify attention to the display or product being advertised.

Vertical lighting improves orientation: While diffused general lighting mау generate а sense оf comfort, іt іs vertical illumination that will mаkе іt easier tо grasp thе layout оf thе room. Іt will bе easier fоr thе customers tо find thеіr wау аrоund thе aisles hеnсе thеу will be more likely tо buy a product from the store. Аt thе sаmе time, detailed accent lighting саn improve thе perception оf thе displays аnd mаkе thеm sееm mоrе attractive.

Increase familiarity wіth color: Colors influence thе emotions of the customers and guides thеm іntо а sense оf security if it is done correctly. Cool color temperatures suсh аs white mаkе thе area lооk bigger whіlе а warm color mау denote smallness аnd familiarity in the space. Transitional white light helps customers feel better аnd leads tо thеm spending mоrе time іn thе store. Еvеn wіthіn а single lighting concept, people tend tо shоw а preference fоr dіffеrеnt light colors. Keeping thіs іn mind, dіffеrеnt color temperatures shоuld bе implemented асrоss general аnd vertical lighting.

Use lights tо highlight features аnd shop windows: The fіrst impression of а shop comes from its window. Тhеrеfоrе іt would help tо focus оn accent lighting оn thе merchandise displayed in the windows (іn addition tо daylight). А furthеr step іn thіs regard, wоuld bе tо pinpoint accent lighting sо thаt іt focuses оn contrasts on the product being displayed. Then as the sun sets and the night lighting comes on, the levels оf light coming from the shop will bе еnоugh tо attract а customer to walk in.

Improve Your Bar Lighting To Give Your Patrons A Better Experience

Lighting that is well designed is a key and important feature for maintaining a well-established customer base at your bar, as well as being an appealing place to new customers. Previously, it may have been too expensive to run well-designed lights and maintain them. Now, many bar owners are discovering that they can afford LED lighting because the prices are becoming lower as the lighting industry progresses. Even if you are part of a small business, you can afford fantastic bar lighting. There are plenty of utility companies that offer rebates and credits for those who implement energy saving solutions.

LED lights for your bar will illuminate and appeal customers more than other traditional lights. If you have a hyper bar or a modern bar, your lighting should be just right for any setting. The fixtures in bars will certainly vary, but certain lights can still be considered the same. The people at the bar will not want an extreme amount of light that can ultimately overwhelm the eyes, but they will need just enough lighting that will allow them to walk or dance around. The lights in a bar do not have to be overwhelming to the eyes to produce flawless results.

The bartenders are responsible for making the drinks, and they need to see what they are making. We do not want anything to interrupt your great atmosphere, so an option would be to have strip lights under the cabinets. The lights will allow quality drinks to be made without bringing any kind of disturbance or unwanted attention to what you are doing. The customers or partygoers in the bar will enjoy the glow they see from the counter, and it can even add something to the bar’s atmosphere.

Unlike the traditional lights you may have, LED lighting will cooperate with controls, such as dimmers and sensors. When you can dim lights or adjust them the way you like, you can reduce the amount of energy that is coming from the lighting. Implementing LED lights can also be used on the outside of the bar for the parking area or an outdoor eating area. There are limitless reasons to implement better lighting for your bar.


How LED Hotel Lighting Can Provide a Better Experience to Your Customers

Many businesses rely on repeat customers to succeed and grow as a business, and this is really no different with hotels. It is important to make an excellent impression on first-time customers, not only in the hopes of them staying again in the future, but also for the recommendations that you might receive. Fortunately, there are many ways you can work to accomplish this goal, and one of them is with LED hotel lighting.

Make Customers Feel Safer

It is not worth it to skimp on the necessities of a high-quality hotel. For instance, you should make sure hotel lighting is a top priority, and this is because proper lighting makes just about everything better. Poorly lit areas can make your customers feel unsafe, especially at nighttime, so prevent this by getting sufficient lighting throughout the entire property, ranging from the parking lot to the hallways.

Improve Safety in Parking Lots

When people are not able to see that well in parking lots, there is a higher chance of them getting into an accident, whether it means colliding into another moving vehicle, running into a parked vehicle, or hitting a piece of hotel property. Not having to deal with these problems is much better, and you can use LED lighting to provide your customers or potential customers with plenty of lighting to get around safely.

Provide a More Enjoyable Experience

Individual hotel rooms, hallways, ice rooms, snack rooms, breakfast areas, public restrooms, and lobbies should not experience problems in regard to lighting, especially because you want to provide your customers with the most enjoyable experience possible. In order to do this, you must understand the importance of high quality and sufficient lighting in these areas. Your customers should walk down the hallways of your hotel with a smile on their face and fill their ice bucket without sight being an issue.

Self-Storage Lighting: How to Lower Operation Expenses with LED Lights

Running any kind of business can be a very rewarding experience.. but it can also be costly. It is important to look into opportunities for reducing overhead costs, and this is where self-storage lighting shines. While traditional lighting can be obtained at a fairly inexpensive price, the cons are hefty. Traditional lighting is subpar to newer types and it’s extremely expensive to run on a constant basis. As a result, it’s easy to see how you can benefit from making the switch to LED lighting. It’s a better alternative in just about every way.

Minimize One of Your Largest Costs

Having to light an entire complex (including inside the storage units themselves) can really eat into your profits. So reducing this expense is definitely something to aim for. Using LED lighting can save you up to 90% percent in energy costs. Being able to get this large percentage in savings means you can lower your overhead expenses for running a self-storage complex dramatically.

Provide a Better Experience for Tenants

It is not just important to look out for your expenses, but for the well-being of your tenants. Getting LED lighting is ideal as it provides better lighting compared to other options. Since many individuals happen to store valuable items inside their storage units, LED lights are perfect as they do not cause damage or discoloration to surfaces or objects. Possessing this single quality is very enticing to potential tenants, simply because they will not have to worry about valuables becoming devalued while in storage.

Help Tenants See Better at Nighttime

If your self-storage business is open at night, you likely understand the importance of high quality lighting, for both you and your tenants. It is best to provide sufficient lighting for your tenants as this will improve the overall safety and security of your complex, which can all be accomplished with LED lighting.


Relumination Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions to Dramatically Reduce Desert Botanical Garden’s Energy Use


Phoenix, AZ – May 13, 2014 – The Desert Botanical Garden has partnered with Relumination, LLC, the energy-efficient lighting solutions company, to update both interior and exterior lighting to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. As a result, the Garden expects to reduce lighting energy consumption by 74%, saving an estimated $30,000 annually.

In addition to the energy savings, the long lifespan of the LED lights and the ability to recycle them will mean less material in landfills. This project aligns with the Garden’s commitment to and recognition of sustainability as a holistic process that encompasses environmental, social, and economic performance. The money the Garden saves on electricity will provide more resources for important programs. The environmental impact contributes to conservation of desert plants, and, best of all, this is a switch that anyone, from an individual to a corporation, can implement and know they are making a difference. “I love projects that are win-win-win, for the Garden, our project partners and, most importantly, the desert plants and habitats that make Phoenix such a special place to live,” said Dr. Kimberlie McCue, Program Director, Conservation of Threatened Species and Habitats. “Relumination has brought a fantastic all around winning project to the Garden that will literally shine a light on how the simple act of changing a light bulb can help conserve our world.”

Relumination worked closely with the Garden’s exhibits department to ensure both trail safety and exhibit aesthetic needs were met with the energy-efficient lighting solutions. After onsite testing, Relumination provided a full lighting energy consumption assessment, recommendations and implementation plan. A rebate from SRP will cover 20% of the project cost.

Relumination will replace 1,573 incandescent, halogen and HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps with LED lamps. The changes will save 247,931 kWh of electricity a year, equal to removing 70 tons of waste from our landfill, the carbon sequestered annually by 143 acres of US forests, the CO2 emissions from electricity use of 24 homes or the greenhouse gas from 36 cars.

”The Desert Botanical Garden is the perfect partner for Relumination, as we are able to work together to ensure the wonderful ambiance and natural experience of the Garden is enhanced with better lighting, as well as dramatically reduce waste and carbon for our amazing Arizona desert,” said Daniel Henderson, CEO and founder of Relumination.

About Desert Botanical Garden – A “Phoenix Point of Pride,” the Desert Botanical Garden is one of only a few botanical gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums. It is a privately funded, non-profit organization and depends on revenues from admissions and gift shop sales, as well as contributions from individuals and businesses to fund its programs of environmental education, plant conservation and research.

About Relumination – Relumination, LLC is a lighting technologies solutions company that helps customers reduce energy costs, save electricity, minimize facilities management expenses and decrease their environmental footprint. They provide reliable and sustainable lighting solutions and services that exceed quality standards and reduce reducing energy consumption by up to 90%. Their valued customers are in various industries from manufacturing to retail. The company is privately held and headquartered in Arizona.