LED Conversion is The Sustainability Answer Most Businesses Are Looking For

Businesses today are always looking for a way to be more sustainable, and to reduce their carbon footprint. Partially because it’s good for a business’s image to show that it cares about the environment, but also because it saves money. One of the smartest, easiest things you can do as a business is to overhaul the kinds of lights you’re using.

LEDs are cheaper now than they’ve ever been before.

Why Aren’t You Using LEDs For Your Business?

LED lights, according to Boston University, save up to 80 percent of the power used by traditional light bulbs. Which is why, if you simply unscrew the incandescent bulbs you’re using now, you’ll experience an instant savings with little actual change to your lighting setup.

Even if you use a more complicated lighting array (fluorescent tubes, arc-sodium lights, etc.), you will still save in costs over the long-term by switching to LED lighting. While the up-front cost often makes a business balk, the important thing to look at is your savings over the lifetime of the installation. Every day you use a less efficient lighting system is another day you’re using (and paying for) more electricity than you need.

A simple analysis of your current lighting system will tell you how much you’re currently spending, and how much switching to LEDs would save you over the lifetime of your business. However, what that analysis won’t measure is how much waste you save (since LED bulbs last longer, and are completely recyclable). It also won’t measure the positive impact your change will have on your company’s image, and on your ability to draw new clients to you with your green initiative.

Other than the initial, up-front cost (which will eventually be paid for by the system’s savings), there is literally no downside to switching to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable lighting system.

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